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What is EDGS?

EDGS promotes research, publications, intellectual engagement, and public dialogue focused on issues confronting the post-colonial or developing world. The program seeks to create a lively intellectual environment that connects faculty and students, sparks ideas and insights, and advances cutting-edge scholarship.

Geographically EDGS spans the countries of Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

EDGS supports research, publications, research fellowships, visiting scholars, conferences, workshops, and other academic activities in the U.S. and abroad.

From its home in the Buffett Institute for Global Studies, EDGS reaches across schools and disciplines at Northwestern—from the Weinberg College, Kellogg, the Law School, Medill, the Graduate School, and even to McCormick Engineering.

EDGS Core Themes

● Institutional Transformation
● Rule of Law
● Boundaries and Property
● Democracy, Participation, and Equality
● Conflict, Tolerance, and Rights
● Oligarchs and Elites
● Historical Influences and Legacies
● Global, National, and Subnational Dimensions of Development
● Growth and Sustainability

Arryman Fellows and Scholars Program


The Arryman Scholars: Hipolitus Ringgi, Gde Metera, Najmu Sopian, Muhammad Fajar, Luthfi Adam and Rahardhika Utama

The Arryman Fellows and Arryman Scholars program, funded by ISRSF in Jakarta, trains emerging Indonesian scholars in the social sciences. The Fellows are awarded a one-year grant for pre-doctoral research at EDGS in the fields of political science, history, sociology, law, business, journalism and communications, anthropology, and development studies. Upon admission into a Northwestern doctoral program, Arryman Fellows are eligible to become Arryman Scholars, which entitles them to a grant from ISRSF funding up to six years of doctoral study. Learn more about the Arryman Program.