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Arryman Fellows and Scholars finish academic year on a high note

The end of the 2017-18 school year brings good news to the Arryman program. Our 2017 Fellows had a successful year on the admissions front, we will welcome the new 2018 cohort of Fellows in July, and several of the Arryman Scholars have won distinguished research grants. Here are the most recent accomplishments:

All four of this year's Arryman Fellows currently in residence were admitted to their respective PhD programs (Robie Kholilurrahman and Muhammad Ridha in Political Science, Sofyan Ansori in Anthropology, and Perdana Roswaldy in Sociology).  This continues the extremely high acceptance rate for Arryman Fellows into these distinguished departments, and it demonstrates the importance of the transition Fellow year for successful PhD preparation. 

For the fall, we have five incoming Arryman Fellows who will be non-degree students in three departments: Anthropology, History, and Sociology. This is the largest group arriving in a single year since the program was launched in 2012. The new Fellows will arrive in July to begin their preparations for their fall studies, and we are looking forward to welcoming them to Northwestern and the Arryman program. 

Our Arryman Scholars have done an amazing job of winning a large number of grants in recent months and will be able to perform valuable research this summer due to their awarded funding.  “These recent accomplishments demonstrate strong signs of scholarly development among the Arryman students,” said Prof. Bill Hurst, PI of the Arryman program. Three Arryman Scholars were awarded Buffett Research Grants -- Yoes Kenawas (Political Science), Sindhunata Hargyono (Anthropology), and Joshua Norman (History). 

Mirna Nadia (Sociology) is the recipient of a 2018 Sexualities Project at Northwestern (SPAN) Research Program Grant, as well as a grant from The Graduate School (TGS).  Bahram Naderil (Anthropology) was awarded a SPAN Conference Grant, a SPAN Summer Research Grant, a LeCron Foster-FAN Grant, and a TGS Grant. 

Aulia Nastiti (Political Science) was granted the Minar summer award from her department, and funding for her summer research through the War and Society Working Group at the Buffett Institute. Sari Ratri (Anthropology) also won a LeCron Foster-FAN Grant, and Wara Urwasi (Sociology) was awarded a Social Science Research Council (SSRC) Summer Research Grant. 

“These grants bring great honor and recognition not only to these individual scholars, but to the entire Arryman program as well,” said Prof. Jeffrey Winters, EDGS Director.

Other Arryman students being recognized for their accomplishments and marking their progression as PhD students include: Sindhunata Hargyono (Anthropology), who passed his 2nd Year Qualifying Paper.  Also, Gde Metera (Political Science) and Luthfi Adam (History) have returned to Northwestern after completing their doctoral field work abroad. 

Now comes the important task of sorting through the information they collected and making sense of it through the writing of their dissertations.  We wish them good and look forward to their findings!

“These are terrific achievements for one of Buffett’s programs, the Arryman program, and we are proud of this initiative that moves Northwestern forward globally,” said Prof. Bruce Carruthers, Director of the Buffett Institute for Global Studies.