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Research and Funding

Learn about the research our program has funded and how to get funding for your own research.

Departments supported

To date, our program has supported more than $570,000 in faculty and graduate student research, conferences and symposia across the departments of:

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Proposal Guidelines

General guidelines for how our funding can be used, how it is acquired and which members of the Northwestern community are eligible to receive funding.

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Apply for Funding

Graduate students are encouraged to apply to their department for EDGS funding for summer 2019 research grants.

Research themes

Our program's research support is not limited to a particular country or world region. The gift from the Rajawali Foundation specifies that we should “engage the sorts of issues and challenges countries like Indonesia face.” This covers wide areas of the developing and post-colonial world, broad sweeps of history and a range of disciplines. We support research related to the following core themes:

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Funded research

See a list of research funding awarded by year and supported projects.

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Working papers

Read one of our 37 working papers. Papers cover research topics relevant to the problems facing Indonesia.

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