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EDGS Announces 2016 Graduate Student Summer Research Grants

The Equality Development and Globalization Studies (EDGS) Advisory Board — consisting of Professors Haydon Cherry, William Hurst, Mary Patillo, and Jeffrey Winters — is the main decision-making body of the EDGS program and it sets the program’s guidelines, plans its activities, and makes all decisions regarding research grants and major spending allocations. The Advisory Board evaluated all of the proposals submitted and agreed unanimously to award nearly $10,000 in funding in the April 2016 round of research proposals.

Three graduate students across the departments of History and Sociology were awarded funding for summer research:

Angel Alfonso Escamilla Garcia, Sociology

“Between Borders: The Strategies of Central American Child Migrants and the Insight of Civil Organizations in Mexico and Guatemala”

Lantian Li, Sociology

“Paradoxes of Protectionism: The Politics of New Drug Registration in China”

Andrea Rosengarten, History

“Namibian History Under Twentieth-Century German Colonial and South African Rule”

Congratulations to these students for their excellent work!