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EDGS Announces December 2014 Faculty Research Grant Recipients

The EDGS Advisory Board awarded funding of more than $36,000 for the December 2014 round of research grant proposals.

$24,860 was awarded to Prof. Jordan Gans-Morse, Political Science, for research entitled “Who Wants to be a Kleptocrat? Origins of Predatory Bureaucracies in Post-Soviet Russia.”

$11,200 was awarded to Prof. Juliet Sorensen, Law School and Kellogg School of Management,  for a conference to be held in November 2015, “Public Health Then and Now: At the Axes of Equality, Development and Globalization.”

An awards reception will be held in their honor on Monday, January 26th at 4pm the Buffett Center.

The Advisory Board will review the next round of research proposals for faculty and graduate students on March 15, 2015.

For more information and how to apply view the apply for funding section of our website.