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EDGS announces March 2014 Faculty and Graduate Student Research Grants

Photos of the April 22nd EDGS research grant reception.

The EDGS Advisory Board awarded funding of more than $63,000 for the March 2014 round of research grant proposals.

$31,000 was awarded in faculty grants:
$18,000 was awarded to Prof. Ana Aparicio, Anthropology  for a symposium to be held in May 2015, “Theorizing Social Movements and Shifting Globalizations”.
$8,000 was awarded to Prof. Jordan Gans-Morse, Political Science, for his research on “Origins of Predatory Bureaucracies in Post-Soviet Russia”.
$5,000 was awarded to Prof. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Political Science, for an upcoming EDGS speaker series, “Law, Religion and Politics”.

The Advisory Board awarded $32,242 to 13 graduate students across six departments of Anthropology, Communication, Economics, History, Political Science and Sociology for summer research:

Kofi Asante, Sociology
“Collusion, Collaboration And Conflict: How Ghanaian Merchants Shaped Colonial State Formation, 1850-1950″
Savina Balasubramanian, Sociology
“Family Planning Policy in Postcolonial India: Regulatory and Political Legacies”
Sadaf Hasnain, Anthropology
“Emergence of an “Ahmadiyya Question:” Understanding Discourses of Tolerance and Religious Pluralism among Pakistan’s Urban Middle Class”
Moses Khisa, Political Science
“The Evolution of Political Institutions in Contemporary Africa”
Andre Nickow, Sociology
“Organizing for Land and Power: Mobilization, Land Rights, and Rural Development in Bihar, India”
Nazli Ozkan, Anthropology
“Turkey’s Democratization Politics and Contested Definitions of Alevism in Media”
Sangyoon Park, Economics
“Social Ties, Job Performance, and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study on Female Manufacturing Workers in Vietnam”
Jessica Pouchet, Anthropology
“Amani Nature Reserve as Biodiversity Hotspot: Language, Political Ecology, and Environmental Governance in Tanzania”
Elena Rodina, Communication
“Censorship and Self-Censorship in the North Caucasus”
Ari Shaw, Political Science
“Claiming International Rights: Human Rights Mobilization and Domestic Change”
Nicholas Smith, History
“Of sovereignty and extra-territoriality: piracy in Somalia and the Red Sea during the Scramble for Africa”
Xin Sun, Political Science
“Informal Institutions, Rents and Land Politics in China”
Marlous van Waijenburg, History
“Financing the African State: Development and Transformations of Fiscal Systems in the Long Twentieth Century”

For an overview of EDGS research support, visit the apply for funding section of our website.