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EDGS announces March 2015 Faculty and Graduate Student Research Grants

The EDGS Advisory Board awarded funding of more than $55,000 for the March 2015 round of research grant proposals.

$38,445 was awarded in faculty grants:

$11,000 was awarded to Prof. Harvey Young, Dept. of Theatre/School of Communication for his research on “Community Education Initiatives at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.”

$10,000 was awarded to Prof. Ian Hurd, Political Science, for a symposium in March 2016 on “International History/Law/Politics.”

$5,000 was awarded to Prof. Karen Alter, Political Science, for a symposium in October 2015 entitled “The Authority of International Courts in a Complex World.”

$5,000 was awarded to Prof. Monica Prasad, Sociology, for a symposium in August 2016 entitled “Can Comparative Historical Sociology Save the World?”

$4,000 was awarded to Prof. Katherine Hoffman, Anthropology, for her research on “Regimes of Care: Islamic Guardianship and the International Adoption of Muslim Children.”

$3,455 was awarded to Prof. Bill Hurst, Political Science, for a book conference in May 2015 entitled “Ruling Before the Law: The Politics of Legal Regimes in China and Indonesia.”

The Advisory Board awarded $11,653 to 6 graduate students across four departments of Art History, Communication, History, and Sociology for summer research:

Douglas Gabriel, Art History
“Collectivity and the Vestiges of Comintern Aesthetics in North Korean Visual Culture”

Xinran Guo, Art History
“Cai Guoqiang’s Maksimov Collection and Reinterpretation of Socialist Realism”

Rachel Levy, Art History
“Buddhist Cultural and Artistic Heritage of Ladakh and Zangskar in India”

Elena Rodina, Communication
“The Dynamics of Self-Censorship in Chechen Media: How Press is Regulated in the Absence of Formal State Censoring Apparatuses”

Blake Smith, History
“European engagement with Asian economies in the eighteenth century”

Joseph Guisti, Sociology
“Transforming Institutions in Latin America: Drug Treatment in the Age of La Guerra Del Narco”

The Advisory Board also named Wen-Qing Ngoei, PhD student in History, as the 2015-16 Rajawali Research Fellow. He will receive $5,000 in research support.