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EDGS Awards $115,000 in Research Support to Faculty and Graduate Students

Image of the 2013 March reception.

On the advice of the Advisory Board, EDGS awarded $115,000 in research support to faculty and graduate students in the March 2013 round of funding.  This brings the total EDGS awards to faculty and graduate students to $269,500 since December 2012.  Details of the March 2013 awards are provided below.  A reception was held on May 1st to honor the March awardees.

EDGS awarded $47,000 in faculty research grants in Economics and Political Science:

Seema Jayachandran, Economics
“Why Do Mothers and Fathers Spend Differently on Children’s Health?”
Wendy Pearlman, Political Science
“Breaking the Barrier of Fear: Personal Transformation in the Syrian Uprising”
William Reno, Political Science
“From Networks to Institutions: The Challenges of Armed Group Cohesion”

EDGS awarded more than $33,000 for symposia to faculty in Political Science and Religious Studies:

Karen Alter, Political Science and Law
“Sub-regional Courts in Africa: Comparing Mandates, Priorities and Objectives”
Brannon Ingram, Religious Studies
“Imagining Publics in Colonial India: Print, Polemics, and ‘the People’”
Jeffrey Winters, Political Science
“Oligarchic Formation”

EDGS received forty-one applications for the 2013 round of Graduate Summer Research Grants.  The Advisory Board awarded $25,125 in summer funding to eleven graduate students (eight women and three men) in Anthropology, History, Political Science, and Sociology:

Hayrunnisa Goksel, Sociology
“Unbearable Heaviness of the Past: Kurdish Women’s Narratives of Violence, Forced Migration, and Politics”
Jael Goldsmith, Political Science
“Striving for Services: Citizen Strategies in Changing Economic, Political, and Welfare Regimes, Chile 1954-2010”
Nurhaizatul Jamil, Anthropology
“Marketing Islamic Manners Makeover: Sufi Piety Movement and Neoliberal Agency in Contemporary Singapore”
Raevin Jimenez, History
“Conceptualizing Trade in Southern Africa as Entering into Social and Power Relations Rooted in Livestock Sharing and Exchange”
Khairunnisa Mohamedali, Political Science
“How Ruling Elites in African States Balance Competing Domestic and International Pressures in Consolidating their Rule, and the Impact this has on Institutional Development”
Andre Nickow, Sociology
“How and to What Extent can Development Projects Cultivate Effective Community-level Institutions in Order to Advance Equitable Social and Economic Development?”
Silvia Otero, Political Science
“Subnational Dimensions of Development and Inequality in Latin America”
David Peyton, Political Science
“Political and Spatial Development in Contested Cities: A Case Study in Goma, Eastern Congo”
Diana Rodriguez-Franco, Sociology
“Greening Latin America: The Causes and Consequences of Green Governance in the Andean Amazon”
Alvaro Villagran, History
“Urban Transportation, Politics and Citizenship: The Cases of Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo During the Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985”
Mary Elena Wilhoit, Anthropology
“Social Position in the Rural Andes: Revisiting Gender through a Lens of Property Ownership”

In the December 2012 round of faculty research funding, the Advisory Board awarded nearly $110,000 in funding to four women and one man across the departments of Political Science, Sociology and Economics.

EDGS also named two Rajawali Research Fellows for the 2013-14 academic year. The Fellows and their areas of research are:

Michael Buehler, Political Science, Northern Illinois University,
“Comparative Research on Shari’a Policymaking in Two South East Asian Countries: Indonesia and Malaysia”

Teri Caraway, Political Science, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities,
“Examining whether the Electoral Engagement of Labor Unions is Contributing to the Transformation of Indonesia’s Party System”

The Rajawali Research Fellows were each awarded $5,000 toward their research. Rajawali Research Fellows are expected to present one to two lectures at an EDGS speaker event, provide at least one working paper to the EDGS working paper series, and, geography permitting, attend EDGS academic events.

Jeffrey A. Winters, Director, EDGS, stated, “The Rajawali Research Fellows strengthen our outreach and connections to other institutions and scholars that are performing research in line with EDGS’s core themes.”

Photos from the EDGS March 2013 found of award funding. View pictures of the event.