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EDGS Welcomes New Arryman Fellows

Image of the EDGS welcome dinner.A welcome dinner was held for the 2013 Arryman Fellows, pictured from left, Luthfi Adam, Najmu Sopian, Muhammad Fajar, Rahardhika Utama, Program Manager Beth Morrissey and Director Jeffrey Winters

Luthfi Adam, Muhammad Fajar, Najmu Sopian and Rahardhika Utama are the 2013 Arryman Fellows. They arrived in July 2013 to begin their year of graduate level study and research. The Arryman Fellows and Arryman Scholars program, funded by ISRSF in Jakarta, trains emerging Indonesian scholars in the social sciences. The Fellows are awarded a one-year grant for pre-doctoral research at EDGS in the fields of political science, history, sociology, law, business, journalism and communications, anthropology, and development studies. Upon admission into a Northwestern doctoral program, Arryman Fellows are eligible to become Arryman Scholars, which entitles them to a grant from ISRSF funding up to six years of doctoral study.