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First Annual Arryman Fellows Symposium held

The 2012 Arryman Fellows Symposium was held on Saturday, May 18th at noon at the Buffett Center.

The Fellows presented their research, audience members gave feedback and a rich discussion was held on each topic. The Fellows were also awarded certificates and recognized for their year at Northwestern. The Arryman Fellows will be able to present their research at a second symposium held in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 21, 2013.

  • Danang Kurniadi: “Political Corruption in New Democracies: a Comparative Study of Indonesia, Brazil and South Korea”; Respondent: Silvia Otero, Political Science
  • Gde Metera: “Democratic Transition and the Changing Pattern of the State-Religion Relations in Indonesia: A Study on Institutional Change at the Sub-national Level”; Respondent: Andre Nickow, Sociology
  • Hipolitus Ringgi: “The Ruling Ambition of the Military in South Korea, Brazil, the Philippines, and Indonesia during the Process of Democratic Consolidation”; Respondent: David Peyton, Political Science

View photos from the Symposium.