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Winter 2014 Comparative Politics Workshops

EDGS presents Comparative Politics Workshops, from 12:15-2:00pm at the Buffett Center, lunch included.

Tuesday, January 7: ‘Collaborating nationalism’ versus ‘Conflictual nationalism’: Gold Coast Merchants and the Making of the Colonial State, 1850-1950

Kofi Asante,
Northwestern University

Thursday, January 16: Weapons of the Meek: Church Influence on Public Policy

Anna Grzymala-Busse
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

*Tuesday, January 28: Hierarchical Capitalism in Latin America: Business, Labor, and the Challenge of Equitable Development

Ben Ross Schneider
*Talk held at 620 Library Place

Tuesday, March 4: Political Ties as a Substitute for Property-Protecting Institutions

 Dong Zhang
Northwestern University

 Coordinated by Ana Arjona, PhD Political Science and Rodrigo Barrenechea, Political Science: