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EDGS Announces Winners of 2019 Graduate Research Grants

EDGS received more than 20 graduate student research proposals from nine departments. After evaluating all of the proposals submitted, EDGS will award more than $8,000 in funding for summer research.

In the March 2019 round of research proposals, six graduate students across the departments of Art History, Communication Studies, History, and Sociology were awarded funding for summer research:

Vidura Bahadur, Communication Studies, "In India, one Chicago every year..."

Emma Brandt, Sociology, "Environments of Disbelief in Post-Socialist Serbia"

Elsa De La Rosa, History, "Transpacific Migration, Pan-American Racism: Anti-Chinese Discrimination in Northern Mexico (1910-1940)"

Sarah Dwider, Art History, "From Aswan to Moscow: Egyptian Artists and State-Funded Travel in the Mid-20th Century"

Emilio Lehoucq, Sociology, "The paths of institutionally-embedded religious change in Latin America: Colombia and El Salvador"

Hamed Yousefi, Art History, "The Non-Aligned Modern: Visual Aesthetics and Nationalist Movements in Modern Egypt and Iran (1952-1979)"

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